PROMO Enigma Dubz Ft. Trilla & Screama We Make It Work

Enigma Dubz Ft. Trilla & Screama
We Make It Work
Four40 Records
17th December 2012

The Midlands has always graced the UK music scene with game changers, producing some of the best Producers, Mc’s and Dj’s to date. ENIGMA DUBZ has been one of those artists...
Releasing his Genesis EP in the spring of 2012, he gained hype and recognition from some of the hottest producers within the UK underground scene including Dubstep pioneers and Radio1 Dj’s Skream & Benga. Bringing his take on UK Bass, ENIGMA DUBZ’ fan base has been growing day by day with tracks like ‘Hard To Smile’ bringing over a hundred thousand views on Youtube.

Returning to Four40 Records to bring yet another banger, this time teaming up with fellow Brummies and Grime Mc’s: Trilla Jermaine Trilloski & Screama to deliver the Bass driven banger “We Make It Work!”. 

Designed to stress any venues system, this tune will have any crowd asking for ‘wheel ups’ while they skank with their dirtiest bass faces.

The new single includes the exclusive extended and instrumental versions, alongside four powerful remixes from Toni Moretti; DJ Cable, Filthy Vicars and EL-B.
Toni Moretti turns ‘We Make It Work!’ on its head, delivering an 808 driven remix. Striping back the instrumentation and adding his signature to create a dark remix.

DMC Champion, DJ Cable reworks the song to bring an eerie Trap remix, showing that Birmingham is ‘hood’.

Filthy Vicars require anyone that encounters their remix to put on their two stepping shoes and get low to their jump up refix with El-B extending the garage vibes and dropping the remix instrumental as well.

With the single set for release on [release date], this song has already started gaining recognition from some of the scenes biggest artists and dj’s: ScratchaDVA (Rinse FM/DVA Music) , Marco Del Horno (Bullet Train), Last Japan (Sony MCA), Mele (Grizzly) and Decibel to name a few.


Mr. Narwhal / Shorterz / Enigma Dubz

Mr. Narwhal - Hall of the Narwhal King (Original Mix)

Mr. Narwhal - The Keebler Tree House is Ablaze (Original Mix)

PSY - Gangnam Style (Mr. Narwhal Remix)

Richard The Third - Dragonfly feat. Zaki Ibrahim (Shorterz & Enigma Dubz Mix)


Hadiction / Ulrich Lénore

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Ascendance / Cori Pena / Genesis Rising

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PROMO POST -> Neizo Pump The Music EP [Drumstep / D&B] 17th September @ Beatport [GUDZA] <-

Pump The Music EP [Drumstep / D&B]
17th September @ Beatport [GUDZA]

01. Pump The Music
02. Power To The People
03. Burn  

New "Pump The Music" EP by Neizo sounds as always loud! Explosive bursts of noise combined with softer, more ambient textures imbued with a sense of otherworldly fear and menace. It's real bass!


Watch on Youtube:

 Neizo - Pump The Musi

Neizo - Power To The People

Neizo - Burn



Leona Lewis - Trouble (Moseqar Remix)



Tenr - Lavenderstep (Original Mix)


Njamimars / Poseidon / Tyco / VibeMent / GoldAN

Njamimars - Choke Sum' (Original Mix)

Poseidon - Sub Zero (Original Mix)

Tyco - Velociraptor (Original Mix)

VibeMent ft. GoldAN - Strang (Original Mix)


C.King / Cheatcode / Jarvis / My Insurrection Heartattack / Njamimars

C.King - Stolemyswag!! (Original Mix)

Cheatcode - Crushed Dreams (Original Mix)

Cheatcode - It Was Written (Original Mix)

Cheatcode - Mercy (Original Mix)

Cheatcode - Without You (Original Mix)

Jarvis - Soilwork (Original Mix)

My Insurrection Heartattack - Truth Or Consequences (Original Mix)

Njamimars - Zenith (Original Mix)


Twisted Edge  - Space Chimp (Original Mix)